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Angelina Ambros (b. 1999) is an emerging media artist. Lives and works in Moscow. In 2021 graduated from the University of Science and Technology "MISIS" with an Applied Informatics in Design Bachelor’s degree. At the moment, she is studying master's program Technological Art at the same university.
Angelina Ambros implements her projects under the pseudonym Lynxang. She specializes as a graphic and UX/UI designer. She works with corporate identity, social media design, print and electronic media design. Also, Linxang develops the design of applications and websites, creates a UI Kit and works on the implementation of new functions in applications.
advanced training course
years of work in the field of design
implemented projects
large customers
Technological art
National University of Science and Technology MISIS
Master's Program
The Master's program combines the best practices of the Art&Science direction, which allows students to explore new art forms with the help of technological solutions. I have implemented my own creative projects, working with various tools — neural networks, visual programming languages, VR&AR, robotics, sound and light technologies.
2021 - 2023
Applied Computer Science in Design
National University of Science and Technology MISIS
Bachelor's Program
The main difference between the program and others is its focus on how modern computer technologies are used in design. Several courses of disciplines introduced me to the field of design, revealed its essence, types, showed how design affects a person.
2017 - 2021
Knowledge is power.
And never in vain.
Especially for a modern artist.
The course taught me how to work professionally with graphics, create collages and animation. He helped to master both basic and advanced techniques of work. And most importantly, with the help of this course, I was able to save time on routine tasks.
Photoshop from Zero to Pro
The course provided the entire arsenal of tools for creating killer-beautiful PowerPoint slides from the experts of the leading presentation studio. It helped me learn how to create presentations even faster, juicier, more convincing. And most importantly — with pleasure!
Power of PowerPoint
The course helped to master the internal tools of the program in full — showed their strengths and weaknesses, taught non-standard techniques. All the knowledge gained, and the tools worked out in practice, made it possible to create stunning vector icons and illustrations.
Illustration in Adobe Illustrator
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about the project.
"Континуум", as a temporarily organized space of technological art, is an exhibition that includes more than 40 works by artists, undergraduates of ArtTech NUST MISIS, for whom technology is the main tool for expressing and creating artistic images.
And the second large–scale event of the exhibition is the holding of an event called BYOB, which stands for Bring Your Own Beamer – Bring your projector.
The first major event is a public discussion between representatives of master's degree programs that are related to education in the field of Art&Science, digital, hybrid and technological arts.
The course "Photoshop с нуля до pro" from Skillbox taught me how to work in a photo editing program. During the course, I created collages of varying complexity, worked with color correction, background processing and removing various elements from photos.
Photo processing
During the course from the Pixel Vector Graphics School, I developed a series of illustrations. It includes 8 different works. When creating each illustration, I practiced one of the lessons of the course. Thanks to the course, I learned how to work with various tools and mastered new techniques.
In the first year of the master's degree, every two weeks we worked with a new medium and created projects with him. To protect these projects, it was necessary to prepare presentations where we described the concepts of our work, the materials used, and the process of creating projects.
Presentation design
What software do I work with?
My best vector graphics are created via Adobe Illustrator, since it filled with numbers of awesome tools.
Fantastic collages, photo processing and background removal can only be done using Adobe Photoshop.
To combine all my work together in future catalogs or magazines, I launch Adobe InDesign.
Figma helps me with UI Kit development and website design.
I also use the PowerPoint program to design the presentation.
What languages do I speak?
My native language is Russian.
To interact with the world, I study English. Now I speak it at the upper intermediate level. In my last year of university, I successfully passed IELTS and scored 6.0 points.
Where did I work?
My first work experience was freelance. Then I was invited as a graphic designer to the communication agency "Mimicry communication" (from 06.2019).
The next place of work is the "TTK Digital" company (from 07.2022). Here I work as a graphic designer, as well as a UX/UI designer.
Located in Moscow, Russia.
Would like to work with you!
+7 909 973 47 50
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